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Buffet Crampon - Beautiful Tosca Green Line A Clarinet, Serial #562754

Product Code: 562754ToscaGreenA

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Buffet Tosca A – Includes Pro Set-Up
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Product Description
This is a Buffet Crampon Tosca Greenline A clarinet, serial number 562754. The clarinet was lightly played for a few years and professionally maintained during that time. It is in immaculate condition. Both the body joints are perfect with no cracks or crack repairs. The bell and barrels are also all in pristine physical condition. The Tosca features Eb Lever, low F correction key and silver plated key work. It includes the 65mm and 66mm barrels. 
This is a very comfortable instrument to hold the modifications Buffet has done to the Tosca line make the playing experience more enjoyable. The keys also feel more efficient under the fingers. For those worried about the Greenline, the Toscas have a characteristically have more focus and projection than the other lines. Toscas are generally more of a soloistic instrument favored by principle players. This Greenline feels like playing a regular grenadilla clarinet. Of particular note, the throat tones have good resonance with no stuffiness.  The pitch is also very centered on this instrument. Moving from note to note is a clean transition with no additional work on the players part. 
This clarinet is currently in our shop awaiting a professional set-up from Audrey Denny.  The clarinet ships in perfect playing condition with the original double case. 
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