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Brilhart Nilo W. Hovey B3 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet - 1.24mm (0.049 inches)

Product Code: BrilHRB3Clar1208
Condition: Used - Good

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Great Piece for Doubles
Product Description
Here we have a Brilhart Nilo W. Hovey B3 mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet. This piece is in great condition physically, with no apparent oxidation, and all the original engravings still visible. There are only a few scratches up the beak and on the sides of the exterior of this piece, the table is unaltered as you can still see all the milling marks from when it was manufactured. The chamber on this piece is medium width and squared on the sides with a slight roll out baffle near the tip, which allows for efficient air flow. This piece has a somewhat dark tone, but a big sound, so a saxophone doubler would feel comfortable performing on this one with a medium hard resistance reed.
The tip opening measures at 1.24mm (0.049 inches).