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Brand New Hand Selected Selmer Privilege Bb Clarinet, Serial #R04204

Product Code: R04204SelmerBbCl

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Hand Selected from ICA 2016 by Audrey Denny
Product Description
This is a brand new Selmer Paris Privilege Bb clarinet, serial number R04204. It was hand selected at the 2016 ICA by Audrey Denny. Audrey selected the clarinet for its outstanding response, projection, control and highly precise regulation. It also features a professional set-up by Audrey. 
The Privilege is built out of the finest quality grenadilla wood.  Its construction features a .574” /14.60mm bore, a left hand Eb lever, silver tenon sockets and white Gore-Tex pads with metal resonators and a cork register key.  
Every Selmer Clarinet sold from our shop includes a top notch professional set-up by Audrey Denny and ships in perfect playing condition.