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BLOWOUT Vandoren Paris VK1 Synthetic Reed for Bb Clarinet

Product Code: VandorenVK1Clarinet

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The Synthetic Reed by Vandoren
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Product Description

We are blowing out stock of some open box VK1 reeds at a low price. Reeds will be in new condition and fully santized; only the seal on the box is broke to differentiate from "new."

VK is a synthetic reed made of a composite material specially developed by Vandoren. It is the result of 7 years of research. This composite material does not imitate the structure of the reed. It reproduces the essential physical characteristics of the reed to obtain the same acoustic behavior.


The VK reed is completely new, both in terms of the material of which it is made and the method of obtaining the material, and is covered by an international patent. The VK reed, and the material of which it is made, are produced in France in Bormes-Les-Mimosas. These reeds are 100% recyclable.


Some things to know about the new Vandoren VK reed:

  1. The material is moisture resistant, rot-proof, does not warp when dried and is saliva resistant
  2. The VK performs considerably longer than cane reeds with a high level of consistency.
  3. The reed can be used directly out of the packaging, without any preparation
  4. The material is washable and can be disinfected with alcohol or with any food compliant disinfectant
  5. Unparalleled consistency resulting in reliable strength, sound, articulation, projection and high note stability


We are currently stocking these in strengths 45-60, which correlate to the following. Current stock listed in the selectable options during checkout.

  • 45 – comparable to a “broken in” medium-feeling # 3 blue box
  • 50 – comparable to a “broken in” hard-feeling # 3 blue box
  • 55 – comparable to a “broken in” soft-feeling # 3 1/2 blue box
  • 60 – comparable to a “broken in” medium-feeling # 3 1/2 blue box