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90s Vintage Buffet German E11 Clarinet, Silver Plated Keys #1002741 - PLAYERS HORN

Product Code: 1002741BuffetE11BbClarDT

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Product Description
Here we have an interesting piece of history, a German made Buffet E11 clarinet in silver keys, serial number #1002741. The E11 was manufactured at first in West Germany by the Schreiber-Keilwerth company, at some point later they switched to silver keys and continued through the 90s with 'Made in Germany' stamped on them. Even though it was considered an intermediate, the German E11 played much better than other intermediate/student models of the era.
This one has standard 5 ring key work down to low E all plated in silver showing no plate-wear. In comparison to an R13, the differences are minute:
-The A key, RH side-keys, both hand pinky keys are flatter
-The key cup arms for the side-keys are angled slightly
-Most keys are thicker and stronger
We are excited to offer this clarinet with a fresh set of Valentino Greenback pads and new corks, felts, and perfect regulation. Physically the wood is showing a light texture of scratches across the horn which is typical for instruments of its age. The barrel and bell appear to be non-original but functioning well. Because of this we are letting this one go on a bargain.
This horn ships in perfect playing condition with a rigid plastic carrying case.