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Is it time to get that instrument properly repaired?

Got a few leaking pads or clicky keys? Did you bump your horn and it has nice big dent you’d like removed? Is your horn being held together with spit and tape? Have you been putting off repair work because you normally play every weekend? Let us fix your sax or clarinet (or flute, or trumpet, etc.) and get it back in perfect playing condition. All of our techs are currently working from home, and work is still getting done! Give us a call at 314-664-1234, or email us at, and talk to us about shipping us your instrument for repair. We’ll give you a rough ballpark estimate before you ship it, and a concrete one once it arrives. Though our retail store is closed, we do have a staff member on hand during the day to receive shipments and ship out orders and completed repairs. Once stuff starts opening up (and the baton is ready to drop on gigs again) you’ll want your instrument ready to go!

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3 Responses to Is it time to get that instrument properly repaired?

  1. For Audrey the clarinet genius:

    Dear Audrey, When might a good time be to ship my Selmer Signature to you for an evaluation, regulation, and whatever other care is indicated. I shall await your reply then see about packing my instrument to you according to your instructions. Should any special clarinet-friendly disinfection be indicated prior to shipment, please instruct me in method. Thanks! K. E. Kays, clarinet hobbyist

    • You can call the shop at 314-664-1234 or email us at, and we can schedule your repair with Audrey. I believe her current turn-around is just a couple weeks for most repairs. Thanks!

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